First Outing 29th March at Draycote

Hi All

Our first outing is fast approaching have a look at your tackle, dust it off.

Renew your license, let us know if any thing has changed that we need to know about. we are looking forward to seeing you all at the Premier Inn for brekkie, we are giving the one we used to use one last chance lest hope they dont mess it up.

At the waters for around 8.30. costs same as last year and we will continue with the bonus ball as we did last year, unfortunately Dick Spicers balls got stomped on so when who ever goes fondling in the sack its the odd shape one you dont want.

Joking aside peoples lets have another great fun filled year, safety first if we have to call an outing of its for your safety.

Make sure your own auto inflater’s are up to date as we will be having insurance this year and this will be a requirement and spot checks will be made.

Tight Lines from Team AAFFF.

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  • Jon Morgan-parker
    Posted 18 March 2020 7:09 am 0Likes

    Dear admin.
    Am I still being asked to contribute blogs for the club and or photographs if and when needed?
    I’m very happy to contribute with both and will obviously send you the first drafts etc… for you to decide if they are suitable for your needs on the website.
    Yours sincerely
    Jon Morgan-Parker

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